The Manufacture of “Sefer Torah Case

The manufacturing of “Sifrei Torah Cases” is exclusively designed for the purchaser.  First the manufacturer has to receive the exact measurements of the parchment used in order that the correct size of theSefer Torah Cover can be made .

Once the size has been confirmed the type of “Sefer Torah Mantle has to be chosen.  There are many different styles of covers and containers.  Most of the “Sefer Torah Cases” are made of pure silver.  There are “Sefer Torah Cases”, made with both gold and silver leaves.  There are also “Sefer Torah Case” made of wood and silver combined, and even more “Exotic Sefer Torah Cases” molded exclusively giving a deep engraved exceptional look.  A different “Sefer Torah Box” is made from various types of hardwearing wood, such as oak wood.  Additional “Wooden Sefer Torah Covers” can be made from velvet with gold and silver combined.  In each and every “Sefer Torah Mantle”  one can include elegant and  genuine stones, such as Swarowski stones, Choshen Stones and more.

Tripoli Sefer Torah Cases” have their own unique design which is usually manufactured from wood.

Sefer Torah Cases” can be dedicated in memory of, or in the merit/zechus of people near and dear.  The “Sefer Torah Box”  is ordered entirely to the choice of the customer and all the designs are original and personal.

It can take between two weeks to a month to manufacture a  “Sefer Torah Case”   but earlier  if urgent .

The engraving and designs decorated on the “Sefer Torah Case”  are usually of a religious significance, such as “Sefer Torah Box”  designed with the Breastplate worn by the Cohanim. “Sefer Torah Case” depicting the Ten Commandments. “Sefer Torah Case”  illustrating the Seven Species. “Sefer Torah Mantle”  with the picture of Kosel Hamaaravi/ The Wailing Wall.  “Sefer Torah Mantle”  . showing Jerusalem. “Sefer Torah Case”  showing the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  “Sefer Torah Holder” depicting the Princes of Israel and of course “Sefer Torah Case”  portraying the Beis Hamikdosh. The Holy Temple.

A “Sefer Torah Case”  can be ordered to the customers personal preference, Hebrew quotations can be added such as “Torah Tziva Lanu Moshe Morashat Kehillat Yaacov” or Shiviti Hashem LeNegdi Tamid” in addition one can of course engrave or embroider the names of the donator and in whose name the “Sefer Torah Box” is dedicated.

If the “Sefer Torah Cover”  is being manufactured from Velvet or any other material, lettering can be embroidered such as religious sentences names etc, according to the wishes of the customer.

All “Sefer Torah Coverings”  are manufactured to the size of the parchments and in addition to this one can order “Haftrara Case “ small to the size of the “Haftara Parchments”, and can match the “Sefer Torah Cover”.