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The Tik Tora website (, developed and operated by the Tik Tora company, is the enterprise’s catalogue website for purchasing cases for Torah and Haftara scrolls.

a) Ordering products

Tik Tora offers coverings for Torah and Haftara scrolls, as well as other Torah scroll items.

b) How to make an order

Orders can be made on the website through a “Contact Us” query, or through the interface on the product page. A process of opening an order is conducted, including disclosure of personal particulars and payment particulars. If there is a dedication, an image tailored to the requested case will be sent. After the image is approved by e-mail, the work will be carried out.

c) Means of payment

Payment can be through any of the following methods:

In cash.
With a valid credit card clearable by one of the credit card companies operating legally in Israel.
Through PayPal.
d) Supply date

* If the case is in stock, supply is immediate; otherwise, the production time is 14-30 days, depending on the agreement on the order date.

Calculation of supply dates is according to business days, meaning Sunday-Thursday, excluding Fridays, days before holidays, and Shabbat and holidays. Tik Tora does its best to expedite delivery. * Unless otherwise stated or agreed.

e) Prices and payments

All prices appearing on the website include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

f) Conditions for canceling a transaction and reimbursement

Before final confirmation, an order can be canceled without payment.
After final confirmation, payment amounting to 10% of the transaction sum will be charged for an order canceled within 72 hours.
Once 72 hours have passed since final confirmation, an order cannot be canceled (because purchase/tailoring/construction of parts for the ordered case begins after 72 hours).
g) Warranty

Tik Tora produces high-quality cases. If the case is damaged when it arrives for some reason, we will collect it and return it to you in perfect condition.
If small parts fall and break, replacement parts can be obtained.
If a product breaks after it has been delivered to the customer and needs repair, it will be repaired for our customers only for payment.
h) Cost of Delivery

Within 3 business days after the product is ready.

$250 in the US and Europe, including a hard case for safe delivery and product insurance


i) Our Commitment to Protect Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. In order to enhance the protection of your privacy, we provide this information about our privacy policy and your options in surfing the website, insofar as it pertains to our policy on the collection of information on the website. In order to make sure that site users are aware of the issue, this information appears on both the home page of the website and wherever information about personal particulars is required.

j) What We Do with the Information

We use the information given for the purpose of making an order for a product or services solely to carry out that task and tasks derived from it (such as billing the customer, issuing a receipt, etc.). The information is not given to any other party, except as necessary to complete the task (such as the credit card company). Giving the information about another person for the purpose of delivery restricts its use to this purpose; if you sent us an e-mail message, we will use the e-mail address from which it was sent to send an answer, and for no other purpose. We obviously will not give the address to any other entity. If you wish to obtain additional information, you are welcome to inform us of this wish, and we will take the appropriate action. In any case, we will not use your particulars for this purpose unless you explicitly request that we do so. A request form for sending information about bargains to your e-mail address is attached. Unidentified information, i.e. information that cannot be attributed to a specific person, is used to improve our website, and to revise our commercial policy and our services. This unnamed information is also given to other parties, including those advertising on our website - for example, the number of visitors to our website – but not information that personally identifies the person visiting the website. Obviously, we make no use of the means of payment particulars that you gave us – neither your credit card number nor your bank account number – in any way other than for the payment, and we do not give it to any other party, except for this purpose.

k) Our Commitment to Information Security

We prevent unauthorized entry into our databases. We keep the information up to date, and authenticate proper use of the data. We have implemented physical, technological, and electronic procedures to safeguard the information that we collect on the website.

l) Miscellaneous

Interpretation and enforcement of these rules and/or any action or dispute resulting from them shall be according to the laws of the State of Israel, and shall be heard, if the need arises, in the authorized courts in each of the district court cities: Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Central, Haifa, Nazareth, Beer Sheva, and Jerusalem.

The rules were revised in April 2013, and are subject to alteration by Matanyah at any time, at its sole discretion, providing only that the change does not violate the rights of customers who made purchases up until that date. The version of the rules published on the website is the determining wording at any time.

Contacting Us

If you have questions about protection of privacy on the website, or complaints about the handling of information on the website, please contact

Call :[email protected]