Eitz Chaim Torah Rollers

These are the wooden sticks we use to roll the sefer Torah.
The handles at the end of the sticks are round so that it would be convenient to roll the sefer and also to keep the parchment from falling.
We decorate the handles of the Eitz Chaim Torah Rollers in various forms.
The most simple Torah rollers are the ones we make the ornaments on the wood itself.
The craftsman makes these ornate decorations on the handles and plates of the atzei chaim.

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The more luxurious ones are combined with silver ornaments like silver crowns, silver necklaces and silver flowers woven into the plates.
We make most of our decorations on the top side of the Atzei Chaim because that’s the side which is visible.
Some may make the decorations on the bottom side (the side where you hold the atzei chaim).
Adding decorations on the bottom side brings up cost by 50%.
The prices specified on our website are for decorations on only one side of the plate.

Inscribing a dedication on the Eitz Chaim

We usually inscribe a dedication on the top side of the plate because that’s the visible side.
We inscribe the dedication on silver or aluminum plate at no additional cost.

Measurment of the Torah Rollers

There are 3 popular sizes for the Sefer Torah  : 22", 19" and 14".
In order for us to fit a Torah roller, give us the measurments of your parchment (klaf) and we will make the required calculations. 

Browse our website and find the Torah rollers that you like.
If you haven't found one, please send us an mail telling us what you are looking for and we will send you more models for you to choose from:
E-mail: [email protected]

To order, please contact us :
E-mail: [email protected] 
US phone: 1-718-3057087 
Israel Phone: +97236436643 
WhatsApp: +972546477072 Meir

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