Torah Scroll

The source of the Mitzva

The last mitzva out of the 613 mitzvot is that each Jewish man should write a sefer Torah for himself.
One who does not know how to write a sefer Torah or is too busy to do so, can hire a sofer or buy a written sefer Torah.
Now days a sefer Torah can reach over $30K so not everyone can do this important mitzva.
Only one who who can afford it is committed to write a sefer Torah while others are exempt.

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How long does it take to write a Torah Scroll ?

Sofer Stam writes a Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll) in one year at a regular paste and in a year and a half at a slower paste.
The paste depends on the aptitude of the sofer and is not always related to the beauty of the writing.  
A sofer that writes in an elegant style of writing would take 14 to 18 months to complete a sefer.
You can always purchase an already made sefer Troah as well.

Do you need to write a new Torah Scroll to commence the passing of a loved one or is it enough to purchase an already existing one ?

One of the greatest things you can do to honor the deceased is to purchase a sefer Torah on thier behalf.
The writing of the letters at the end of the Sefer Torah would be dedicated to elevate the soul of the deceased.
All of this is relevant if there is a rush and you want to purchase the Sefer Torah as soon as possible.

If there is no rush and if you would like to make payments throughout the writing of the Sefer, then you should order a new Sefer Torah.
In addition, you could ask the sofer stam to write it with special intention to elevate the soul of the deceased.

How do you decide which Sefer Torah to purchase ?

First thing you need to know if it’s an Askhenazi or Sephardic Sefer Torah.

Next you need to decide on the size, standard size (23") or small size (20").

Every donor needs to know how much he is willing to invest in the Sefer Torah and find the best writing fit for his budget.
Standard Sefer Torahs start around $21K and end up at around $33K.
Ask the sofer stam for a sefer fit for your budget, get a sample picture and have your Rabi check the writing.
This way you can make sure you get the best sefer for your money.

How about the Kashrut of the Sefer ? Does it matter if you purchase an expensive Sefer Torah ?

In general, any Sefer bought from a respected company in Israel or the US is considered Kosher.
A cheap Sefer might be due to the lack of experience of the sofer; therefore, some flaws may exist that were not noticed when first checked.
If you buy a cheap Sefer it means that the writing is less elegant and that the emendation be more complicated.

Is there a warranty for a Sefer Torah ?

All Sifery Torah come with a full warranty.
Every respected dealer or sofer must provide you with an option to fix the Sefer if there is any mistake.
In most cases, a sofer comes to your shul to make the required corrections.
In other cases, the dealer would send the sefer to a respectable proofreading institute at his expense. 

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